Why healthy and tasty food should be top priority for companies

Willem-Jan Persoons
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Willem-Jan Persoons

on February 25, 2022
Healthy food program

After two years of working from home, employees are finally returning to the workplace. But one thing is clear: we’re not going back to how things used to be. The pandemic has taught us to pay more attention to our health and wellbeing. As an employer, you shouldn’t ignore this.


Food plays a key role in workers’ health and wellbeing. That’s why we believe that a healthy catering service will be the number one priority for employers in 2022.


Why? Here are four reasons why healthy, nutritious food improves your team’s productivity and wellbeing.

1. Healthy food makes employees feel better

We all know that a diet full of fruits and vegetables is a healthy diet. But did you know that they also improve productivity and happiness at work? According to this study, there is a correlation between eating fruits and vegetables and an increased sense of wellbeing, creativity and curiosity.


Why is that? The researchers identified two reasons. First of all, fruit and veg contain vital nutrients that help your body produce dopamine. Secondly, fruits and vegetables provide our body with antioxidants, which minimize inflammation, improve memory and enhance mood.


For these reasons, we believe that every employee should have access to fruit and vegetables, thus a healthy Food Program.

2. Workers who take a lunch break are more productive

When was the last time you had lunch at your desk? We’ve all been guilty of this at least once. But it shouldn’t become a habit. Employees who regularly eat lunch at their desk, are at higher risk of burnout and stress. So next time you have lunch, step away from your desk and give your mind a well-deserved rest.



At Join Program, a tasty and healthy lunch is something we look forward to. And it’s even better when you enjoy it together with colleagues! Which brings us seamlessly to our next point…

Employees having lunch together

3. Having lunch together improves teamwork

After two years of Zoom calls, we’re finally able to meet our colleagues face to face again. And having lunch together with co-workers, is vital for a healthy workplace culture.


We asked our followers on LinkedIn what part of office lunch they missed the most when working from home. Almost everyone answered: chatting with my colleagues.


Why is eating together so important? Because it creates social relationships. Lunchtime is the perfect moment for co-workers to get to know each other. Personal connections make working together more pleasant and productive. This in turn improves teamwork.

4. It improves retention and talent acquisition

It’s challenging these days for companies to find talent, and even harder to keep it. Did you know it takes six to nine months to train new employees? Perks such as a tasty and healthy lunch program could make your HR Managers’ life a lot easier!

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