“I want to help tell the story of Program through healthy and delicious food”

Sanne Smeets
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Sanne Smeets

on June 29, 2022
Joey Herks

In this interview we sit down with Food Curator Joey Herks. We talk about his background, why he Joined Program and his ambitions for the company.

You are part of our Food Curator team, developing recipes and schedules for our Food Program, for the employees of our clients. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“Sure! My name is Joey and I live in beautiful Alkmaar. Before Joining Program, I worked as a chef at Vermaat. I’ve seen that as a catering company, you can be ambitious. With the right creative mindset, you can lift the catering services of a certain location to the next level. Especially when it comes to healthy daily lunches.

That’s why I’m convinced we’re doing a stellar job here at Program. But there is still room to grow. And that excites me!”

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with and why?

“Basil! The peculiar taste of this herb allows you to use it in a multitude of ways: basil flavored ice cream, smoothies, sauces and of course pesto.”

What education did you follow?

“I started working parttime in restaurants at the age of 15. After finishing high school I decided to enroll in a culinary education program.

Throughout my career I worked in different restaurants. I even worked as a private chef at people’s homes on some occasions. Seven years I started working in the catering industry as a chef. And now at Join Program.”

Why did you choose to Join the Program team?

“I want to help tell our story, through healthy and delicious food. Curating the menus and producing the meals requires a lot of creativity. And I believe that creativity is one of my strengths.”

Which company would you like to add to our already impactful list of clients?

“Companies such as Spotify or Suitsupply. I think these companies fit really well in the story that we want to tell.”