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The food movement for future-minded companies (and everyone working there).

Our story

2020 was a difficult year for the catering industry. But it also offered opportunities to pivot. That’s exactly what we did at Program.


Our story begins at Powerplant, a food consultancy, branding and design company. Powerplant became the hub and incubator for our start-up. Together we were able to finetune our business model, and gather a team of experienced and passionate people.


Since September 2021 we are an independent part of Vermaat Group. This cooperation allows us to have an even bigger impact and helps us to continue growing, develop our vision and platform in the coming years.

Our ambition

We lead by cooking (not talking). We always go first. We’re natural leaders. Not because we want to boss people around, but because we know the way forward.

Our promise

Great food fuels your working day – and a better tomorrow. So join our office food movement. And treat yourself to an office Food Program that’s plant-minded, tech-first, waste-free, and most importantly: really, really (but really) good. With every lunch, you contribute to a happy, healthy team and a more sustainable world. Ready to dig in?

Meet the team

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Recipe Developer

32-40 hrs

Quality & Safety Employee

24-38 hrs

Junior Sales Manager

35-40 hrs

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