About us

Our goal

We work towards better food, a better life and a better world.

Our purpose

We are here to bring great food to your plate. Creating happy, healthy, and more loyal people is what drives us. It is our purpose to give food in office restaurants meaning. The real taste is what inspires us; delicious and healthy food for us and the planet.

Our vision

It is our higher goal to make a better world by changing the (food) system, bringing awareness, and making it easier for people to access better food, live a better life, and make a better planet. By rewriting the rules of office catering, we make crazy good food super easy and sustainable.

Our mission

We serve really, really good food, at your office, every day, without your own kitchen. Because, when you operate on a big scale – just like we are aiming to – it is our (ours and yours) duty to be responsible for the planet and make a low impact on it. Our core is sustainable, and so is our belief in being a waste-minimizing company, that is here to guide, inspire, lead, and share the same values with the people we work with. We want to positively impact people’s lives in the best, tastiest, and most enjoyable way.

We rethink the process

Our app guarantees maximum efficiency and user experience – and no need for in-house staff or considerable square meters in kitchen space.

We turn lunchtime into a highlight – because great food brings people together and creates a happy team.

We make lunch enjoyable

We are plant-minded

We make sustainable the new normal with seasonal products, minimal waste, and fewer emissions.

Meet our team

We work with a team of more than 150 motivated and international colleagues every day. It is a mixed team of colleagues of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities.

Maurits Tofohr

Co-Founder & Director

Joost van Keeken

Director Growth & Business Development

Rob van Steijn

Manager Operations

Inez van Moolenbroek

Manager Formula & Concept Development

Femke Meijer

Food Curator

Theo Kok

Kitchen Manager

Marit van Noort

Junior Sales Manager

Mariska Leehuis

Digital Senior Product Owner

Fabienne Jungerhans

Sales & Marketing Lead

Stefan Hulzebos

Account Manager

Stefan Gootjes

Account Manager

Niels Jungst

Location Manager

Sascha Maarseveen

Lead Transition Manager

Eric Groen

Quality and Safety Coordinator

Sander Uitdehaag

Food Curator

Carlijn Teunissen

Project Manager

Pamella Liz

Content Writer

Tim Noordegraaf

Business Controller

Matthijs Kok

Junior Account Manager

Come work with us

We always seek new team members who want to work in an international environment – colleagues who are willing to learn and glad to help others. Ultimately we want to do what we do best: providing great food and top service with happy colleagues!