Join Program app

The Join Program app helps to limit food waste and promotes healthier, conscious, and climate-friendly food choices.

Manage your orders, purchase costs, and limit food waste

When your employees order via our Join Program app, we use that information to build a company profile. We use this profile to predict future orders and manage sourcing. It allows us to limit food waste and limit purchase costs.

Make your best food choices

When using the Join Program app app, your employees can preview the weekly menu and reserve their favorite meal one week in advance. We inform them with stories about the dishes, nutrients, and allergens.

Two happy employees standing side by side selecting their lunch meals in a company restaurant
Employee standing in front of buffet in office restaurant looking at the Join Program Food app on her phone

Payment methods

The Join Program app allows your employees to order and pay directly for their meals, saving you a lot of hassle. Other payment methods are possible too. We make it work.

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