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We are Program, a platform-based catering service. Together with you, our suppliers and our partners we want to be the most healthy, inclusive and sustainable solution for workplace catering.

Why Program

A healthy and tasty Food Program, produced in our local kitchen

Our easy-to-use Food app with menu variations and crowd control

Sustainable Food Values, embedded in our DNA; let’s save our planet together

Well balanced Program by our cultural Food Curator

Super flexible ordering options, in time and amounts

Limited waste by smart Programming

Transparent and simple pricing model, flexible contract setup

Your feedback is our driver to improve, daily

Program's service on your location is tailor-made and spot on.

Platform-based catering:

Yes, we developed an application with which you and your colleagues can easily place orders, you can manage your contract and give us daily feedback. Want to try the application? Contact us with a preview-request.

How does it work?

Simple and secure registration
Browse and select your favorite lunch from your Program
Detailed information about each meal
Switch easily between different locations and service types
Notify us when you want to enjoy your Program meal
Simple feedback system; relevant and easily accessible user data

Catering hick-ups. We’ve all been there.

Times are changing rapidly, these days we want flexible options, we want healthy food for all our colleagues’ specific wishes and we want it to be sustainable. Recognizable?

Catering hick-ups and long-term choices, we’ve all been there. Which of these themes do you feel most engaged with?
  • Waste reduction
  • Visibility
  • Open agreement
  • No more queues
  • Inclusive Food selection
  • Health
  • Flexible occupancy
  • Feedback

Waste reduction

In our catering industry, this subject wasn’t on top of mind for too long. By clever Programming, smart usage of the data insights in the app, we are able to reduce our waste as much as possible. We know what to produce for each lunch and we don’t make all products en masse. Save the planet, and save money.


We believe feedback makes us stronger, then we can improve our service and in-app it’s super easy to give us feedback. Thumbs up!

No more queues

By implementing timeslots and pick-up moments in our Program Food app, you will not have to wait in line anymore or be afraid your favorite ingredient is already taken.

Inclusive Food selection

Our Food Curator is continuously working on a surprising food selection. We work with local suppliers, only with seasonal ingredients and keep track of the latest cultural trends to understand your needs.

Open agreement

We preferably work with an open book contract. We are entirely transparent and we strive for a positive agreement at an efficient cost. Ditch the hassle.


Our catering becomes part of your company’s culture. No big signs with logo’s, we focus on storytelling. Where do the ingredients come from or who produced this meal for you?

Flexible occupancy

These days your colleagues will be working from home OR in the office, so Program understands this need for flexible catering. We take advantage of today’s fast paced world and are able to fill that gap and set up the right financial path with you.


We believe Programming healthy, seasonal, nourishing food contributes to a happy and productive day at work. It gives you a smile! Our Program is primarily plant-based and can be enriched with animal additions if wished for.

Are all or some of these the improvements you are looking for? Join Program and make your workplace catering future forward.

About us

Our approach is unique, because we work with a coordinated food Program, a culturally involved Food Curator, feedback loops and our next level app.

Take a look at our infographic about the proces.

Program has an experienced team consisting of Sander Uitdehaag (Food Curator, read more about his work) and Anneleid Linthorst (Program Lead). Maurits Tofohr (Co-founder) and Inez van Moolenbroek (Product Owner) complete the team, which is growing as we speak.

Anneleid is a hands-on doer and likes to work with on location. She manages the team and is your point of contact.

Sander creates the Food Program together with his team. Sander ensures that you can choose from nutritious, healthy, and surprising dishes every day.

To close the circle, we collaborate with an experienced team of freelancers, people with a passion for food and great skills.

Maurits Tofohr

- Co-founder

Anneleid Linthorst

- Program Lead

Sander Uitdehaag

- Food Curator

Inez van Moolenbroek

- Product Owner

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Above all, we value personal service.

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