Diving into the Colorful World of Freddy Tratlehner

Step into the vibrant world of Freddy Tratlehner, also known as Vjeze Fur, a culinary visionary with a penchant for playfulness and a passion for vegetables. 

Freddy Tratlehner and the food curator Sander Uitdehaag

At Join Program, we’re all about rewriting the rules of office catering, and Freddy’s mission resonates deeply with ours: centralizing vegetables and reshaping food patterns.

Our paths crossed with Freddy’s through our shared vision of making tasty, healthy food accessible to a large audience. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, Join Program caters to an international crowd, mirroring the ethos of Freddy’s work. 

From healthy ingredients to a bold new taste 

Freddy’s second book, “Fred in het Land,” beautifully narrates his journey of exploring cultures and cuisines that celebrate pulses, vegetables, and vibrant flavors. But Freddy isn’t just about food; he’s a fashion guy who brings his colorful creativity to the plate, inviting everyone to experiment with healthy ingredients and bold new tastes. 

Freddy Tratlehner, food curator Sander Uitdehaag, and Sophie Tielrooij

From ingredient swaps to recipe combinations 

Collaborating with Freddy and his team from De Nieuwe Keuken was a culinary adventure. They started this company precisely to put veggies in the spotlight, making the ever-so-tasty and nutritious Pulled Paddos and Ballos. These products are used in the menus that we have created. We understood the pivotal elements of Freddy’s recipes and how to infuse them into our daily offerings. For example, we created a stick by mixing the marinated ‘paddo’s‘ (mushrooms) from De Nieuwe Keuken and some leek with a chickpea-garam masala mix.  

At Join Program, our commitment to continuous improvement is tireless. We always look for new ways to delight our clients with crazy good meals. Thanks to Freddy and his team, we’ve unlocked a world of flavor and possibility, proving that good food knows no boundaries. 

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