Winter is coming to your plate

Winter is coming. But worry not. We got you covered! We are setting the mood for your holidays and freezing days. Our Food curators have been preparing a brand-new menu for the last couple of months to keep you well-nourished, energized, and incredibly cozy throughout the day.

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What’s new?

We went through the ayurvedic cuisine to find inspiration, plants, herbs, and spices, bringing the well-deserved warmth this season asks for. You will find dishes made with some Winter classics, like kale, legumes, red cabbage, and much more. Our team has also been experimenting a lot with vegetarian alternatives — our goal is to keep reducing our food/t print step-by-step with every meal.

And we have listened to you: potatoes, more well-known dishes, and those delicious comfy foods that we all love were added to the menu.

The food curation team now has more nutrient-wise data to share with you, and it all comes with the help of a nutritionist and the Apicbase platform.

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Winter is coming to your plate