It’s waste-free week!

Reducing food waste has many benefits, including lower greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity, and promoting a circular economy. Every step in the food system requires a lot of energy, and wasting food impacts the environment – this is especially true for meat products with a significant climate impact. Plus, using every bit of food can help the environment and ensure everyone has enough to eat. Join us for this waste-free week!

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From leftover to new meal

Did you know there are many creative ways to repurpose leftover food after a meal? For instance, bread can turn into croutons, vegetables into pickles, and fruits become chutneys and marmalades for tomorrow. By doing this, we can turn leftovers into exciting new bites and meals while reducing food waste. Why not take advantage of this waste-free week to put into practice some of these tips in your kitchen?

What are we doing to battle food waste?

When we think about the steps involved in getting food to the table, it’s easy to see how much energy is required. It all adds up from production to transportation, cooling to heating. That’s why we do our best to reduce food waste in our production kitchen.


This is also why some of our clients allow our chefs to use the previous day’s surplus produce to create preserves, chutneys, or croutons. They curate the most popular meals from previous seasons and add fresh toppings, sandwich fillings, and new refreshing drink combinations.


Think twice before throwing anything away!

In most parts of the world, you do not need to send this warning, although here, we can learn a thing or two from the creativity of how people deal with leftovers. 

Here are some tips that you can follow easily at home:

  1. Check your pantry often to see what needs to be cooked first.
  2. Make a shopping list before going to the market.
  3. Look, smell and taste! Use your senses before throwing something away.
  4. Eat or freeze before the best-before date.
  5. Cook just enough for your family or you.

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It’s waste-free week!

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